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Beer tastings

Whether you are looking for new impulses, professional inspiration, a night out with your friends or teambuilding with colleagues. Shared memories through experiences are a great way of being together.

Small groups

We do casual beer tastings for small groups with main emphasis on beer styles and flavors.
You get 5 beers 0,2s of whatever we put together from our draught lines.

Price: 400,– per person

Large groups
Will be booked into our separate event room.

Birthday or bachelorette night where the main person is deeply into hoppy, sours or dark stuff? We got you, just send us a request

To book a beer tasting session, please contact booking@habitatbar.no

Artist booking


We have multiple rooms available for meetings, seminars, workshops, family gatherings or other celebrations.

For daytime activities we put together a package with lunch, pizza buffet, snacks, fruit and a coffee and tea station. Send us a request with your needs.

Open Space is a event space that is situated right next to our entrance. Room is equipped with projector, screen and microphones. Under normal circumstances Open Space rooms up to 50 people.

Event Space is our beer tasting room or chambre séparée. The space is suited for smaller groups from 20- 30 people.

Work Space (is currently under construction). The space is located in our basement and is soon to be our Game Space with dartboards and shufflebord and other fun stuff.

Big Studio is currently on a long- term lease to our Gartner Moe. Here grows plants and is a Habitat to our plant people.

Event booking:
Open Space: Sun–Fri.

All other spaces: Mon-Sat

For reservations: booking@habitatbar.no