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Mon–Thur: 12.00–23.30
Fri–Sat: 12.00–01.30


Habitat has a wide selection of craft beer. We spend a lot of time searching for rare finds both on kegs and bottles. Our menus can be found on Untappd.

Monkey Brew is one of Habitats owners and they used to have a small experimental craft brewery in the basement of Habitat. They play around with modern beer styles, which are usually heavily hopped, soured in oak barrels, or sweet, dark and powerful. The oak barrels in use are on display throughout the rooms at Habitat. The brewery downstairs is still intact, but they grew out of our basement and are now brewing at Nyhavna.

Monkey Brew has been ranked one of Norway's best brewerys on Untappd since they started in 2015 at Bakklandet in Trondheim. The boys home-brewed together for 8 years before officially starting Monkey Brew, and have, among other accomplishments, been named triple champions in Norway's home brew competition.

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High quality nutrients are a must for any creature. We proudly serve craft pizza, fresh salads, warm soups and snacks for both carnivores and herbivores alike. Essentially, everything you need (along with our delicious beer), to make your day complete. We are always developing new recipes to expand your taste buds.

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Habitat regularly hosts quizzes, concerts, beer launches, and beer tastings, to name a few!

Beer tasting sessions with one of our beer experts can be booked for groups from 4–25 people upon inquiry.

We also rent out our event space, Open Space, Monday-Saturday.

Check our calender for upcoming unforgettables.

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